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Our Staff


Shelly Kadus

Legal Assistant/ Closing Agent/ Title Examiner

  • Licensed Closing Agent

  • Notary Public 

  • Licensed Insurance Producer 

  • 30+ year career legal and real estate professional having experience with real estate/corporate/estate planning law, real estate development, and finance.

  • Former licensed broker/contractor.

  • Central Lakes College graduate.


Samantha Thomas

Title Examiner/ Administrative Assistant

  • Licensed Closing Agent

  • Licensed Abstractor

  • Notary Public

  • Licensed Insurance Producer

  • Title Research and Final Policy Preparation


Rachel Bundy

Closing Agent

  • Notary Public

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship from Bemidji State University.

  • 8 years of customer service experience.


Jim Gammello

Attorney at Law

  • Attorney at Law

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker 

  • Licensed Title Insurance Producer 

  • MSBA Real Property Law Specialist

  • Licensed Abstracter

  • 35+ years in law practice, specializing in real estate, corporate, estate planning and more.

  • Graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law and admitted to Bar 1982.


Tammi Carlson

Processor / Closing Agent

  • Licensed Closing Agent

  • Online Closing Agent

  • Notary Public

  • Licensed Insurance Producer 

  • Prior experience in Hospitality Management 

  • Title Processing and Closing Agent

  • 13 years of being a Child Care Provider

  • Attended Lakes College


Karissa Ramsey

Closing Processor / Closing Agent

  • Licensed Closing Agent

  • Notary Public

  • Licensed Insurance Producer

  • Prior experience as a Consumer banking Consultant

  • Prior Health Education and Relationship Training Speaker with High School Students

  • Prior Child Care Provider

  • Psychology and Family Counseling, Ecclesia College

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